• Fully Automated Cell for Measuring Small Parts

    Fully Automated Cell for Measuring Small Parts (up to 2 m)

    Measurement automation is currently a growing trend which helps to reduce the spoilage of products, accelerates and improves production, facilitates maintenance planning, eliminates subjective operator influence and thus generally reduces production company costs. Steinbichler automated cell is an effective automation tool, which can be easily, quickly and cheaply customized to exactly meet the needs of your application.

    Technical Data

  • Fully Automated Cell for Measurement of Large Parts

    Fully Automated Cell for Measuring Large Parts (over 2 m)

    For automation of large objects measurement we use measuring systems whose absolute position in space is measured by precise trackers – either optical or laser. Measurement can be carried out by touch probing, high-speed scanning or a combination of both. The robotic cell, the measurement process and the automatic evaluation of results are controlled by our software, which we adapt to fit your needs exactly.

    NMS Solution

  • Automatizovaná bunka pre všeobecné použitie

    Automated Cell for General Use

    In addition to standards solutions, NMS offers the possibility of automating any metrological process with the usage of appropriate measuring system, e.g. the one you already own. Our development department will adapt hardware and software to your appplication perfectly and will create a metrological system capable of producing measurement reports without the need for operator intervention.

    NMS Solution