• Special Purpose Measuring Devices

    Special Purpose Measuring Devices

    NMS offers design, developement, construction and integration of special purpose measuring devices for various metrological applications. We will design a device according to your requirements – production tact, required precision, necessary action for non-compliance of the product (acoustic or light signal, machine stop, etc.), export of the results into your database, etc. In developement of special purpose measuring devices, we use sensors and components from the world leading producers such as Micro-Epsilon, Sick, Rittal....

  • Modernization of Testing Machines

    Modernization of Testing Machines

    Even today, in many laboratories and test rooms older machines and instruments are in use. Their design, features and reliability still compete with modern products. NMS offers the possibility of upgrading these machines by exchanging or supplying sensors of physical quantity, computer technology access, development of single-purpose software, etc. Among our most important customers in this area is ZF Sachs Slovakia a.s., for whom we upgraded many testing machines in their quality testing laboratory.

  • Special Purpose Software Solutions

    Special Purpose Software Solutions

    The NMS developement department is constantly working on creating and improving software tools which will simplify and speed up work in solving metrological tasks. One example is the development and implementation of the "plug-in" for communication between PolyWorks 3D software and Leica TDA total station, including data export into SPL database and macro creation for evaluation automation. Among our most significant projects so far is the development of a software module for the automotive industry to evaluate the radii of design edges and tornado lines.