Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 has a unique "All In One" design, which includes all the necessary accessories, such as live camera image, digital level, meteostation, Rapid Sight and built-in infrared remote control. Using the integrated wireless WiFi communication, the sensor can be operated completely wirelessly.

Leica AT403 features include:

  • IP54 cover  - allows AT403 to be used in the most demanding interior and exterior conditions while maintaining maximum precision
  • Extremely light  - its weight is only 8,1 kg and its case dimensions meet airlines' requirements for carry-on luggage – travelling has never been so easy
  • Wireless design  - battery power, communication with notebooks via WiFi connection
  • PowerLock (Lock on the Fly) - automatic reflector detection is a unique feature which helps the operator to use the measuring system effectively, without unnecessary downtime and tedious searches for the lost laser beam
  • Dynamic mode - ability to measure in continuous mode
  • B-Probe - optional wireless probe to measure hard to reach and hidden places

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