The Laser Tracker AT960 is the flagship of the Swiss company Leica Geosystems. It is the most precise laser tracker on the market, with stable results over a wide range of temparatures and working conditions. Robustness and stability while maintaining maximum mobility, the ability to cooperate with touch probes and laser scanners, and precise dynamic mode - these are just some of the features that make this measuring device number one in the market of laser trackers.

Leica AT901 features include:

  • the most precise laser tracker available - precise absolute angle sensors and absolute distance meter with precision of 10µm throughout the whole tracker measuring range
  • able to measure 6DOF  - a hybrid measuring system able to measure with a reflector and also with a touch probe for point measurement and handheld scanner
  • static and dynamic measurement modes  - due to its fast and precise interferometer tracker is able to provide precise measurements for dynamic actions with frequencies up to 1 kHz
  • fast start without calibration  - cold start < 8 min (typ. 5 min), warm start < 5 min (typ. 3 min); after heating, the system is immediately ready to take measurements without the need for any calibrations or compensations
  • measuring range up to 160 m
  • PowerLock (Lock on the Fly) - automatic reflector detection is a unique feature which helps the operator to use the measuring system effectively, without unnecessary downtime and tedious searches for the lost laser beam

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