• Leica AT403

    Laser Tracker

    Leica AT403

    Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 is a mobile coordinate measuring device which provides high mobility and extreme precision for short as well as very long distances. It can be powered by its own battery and it is able to operate in a demanding industrial environment.

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  • Leica AT901

    Laser Tracker

    Leica AT901

    Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 is a mobile coordinate measuring device which provides extreme precision for short as well as very long distances. The system allows performance of very precise measurements using not only spherical reflector, but also cooperating with different probes for one-point manual or automatic inspection or 3D scanning.

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  • Leica T-Probe

    Laser Tracker With Touch Probe

    Leica T-Probe

    Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 works in combination with portable wireless T-Probe which is designed for capturing hard-to-reach points. With a wide range of connectable tips, four programmable buttons, unrestricted movement in space and ergonomic design, it shortens measurement times multiple times in comparison to conventional measuring devices or portal CMM machines while maintaing high precision.

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  • Steinbichler T-Point CS

    Optical Tracker With Touch Probe

    Steinbichler T-Point CS

    Portable wireless probe T-Point offers the possibility of a precise single point measurement. The probe position is captured by T-Track system in optical form; therefore the probe movement and rotation are not limited by any mechanical arms, cables, etc.

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  • Romer Absolute Arm

    Mobile Measuring Arm

    Romer Absolute Arm

    6-axis and 7-axis Romer Absolute Arm measuring arms are among the most effective metrological devices, which have applications in every production plant. They are characterized by ease of use, immediate measurement results and universality.

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  • Romer Absolute Arm T

    Mobile Measuring Arm For Tube Inspection

    Romer Absolute Arm T

    ROMER Absolute Arm T measuring arm with a V-probe for checking bent tubes can check and measure metal and non-metallic wires, pipes and tubes, which are used in almost all industry sectors: automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding branch, medical, engineering, instrumentation and others.

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