• Leica T-Scan

    Laser Tracker With Handheld Scanner

    Leica T-Scan

    Leica Absolute Tracker AT901, in combination with T-Scan TS50 handheld laser scanner, forms a powerful mobile device for high-volume scanning. The third generation of the Leica T-Scan scanner offers high precision and resolution, and due to unrivaled "Flying Dot" technology, T-Scan can scan a wide range of various surface types without the need for powdering.

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  • Steinbichler Comet V

    Optical Scanner

    Steinbichler Comet V

    Comet V series scanners, in addition to having high resolutions, are characterized by their high quality of scanned data, which sets the standard in their category. The exceptional feautres of these scanners are achieved mainly due to the perfect technical performance of their optics and body and their thermal stability. The new control unit allows the scanning of optically challenging surfaces.

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  • Steinbichler Comet L3D

    Optical Scanner

    Steinbichler Comet L3D

    Comet L3D 5M grid projector offers unique compactness, easy handling and speed at even higher resolution than before – Comet L3D has up to 5Mpx resolution, which provides high resolution when scanning the finest details. The scanned data have extremely low noise and high quality.

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  • Steinbichler T-Scan CS

    Optical Tracker With Handheld Scanner

    Steinbichler T-Scan CS

    Steinbichler T-Scan CS, representing a new generation of scanners, is revolutionising the field of laser line scanners. It is characterized by usability on surfaces of varying reflectance and quality data with low noise and high precision. It does not contain any moving parts and therefore it is smaller, lighter and more reliable than any other scanner with similar characteristics.

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  • Romer Absolute Arm SI

    Measuring Arm With Integrated Scanner

    Romer Absolute Arm SI

    The excellent features of the 3D Romer Absolute Arm measuring arms, supplemented by an integrated scanner with high resolution, result in a versatile 3D measuring system. This system is a versatile metrological tool with a wide range of applications: 3D digitizing, 3D modelling, one-point inspection or point cloud control, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and milling copies.

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  • Romer Absolute Arm SE

    Measuring Arm With External Scanner

    Romer Absolute Arm SE

    ROMER Absolute Arm measuring arm with an external scanner is designed for use with the high performance laser scanner CMS 108, a product of Hexagon Metrology. It is also possible to connect scanners made by other producers. ROMER Absolute Arm, in combination with CMS 108 laser scanner, offers superior performance even on difficult surfaces and workpieces made of the most difficult types of materials to measure.

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