The system can be used with a standard notebook, eliminating the need for conventional computer configurations. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for mobile use. Regardless of the size of the object, its location or climatic conditions, the user can simply move the system to location of the current measurement task and configure it fully on the spot.

Range and Resolution Flexibility – the Highest Data Quality

Only a few operations and a few minutes are needed for user to adjust the system to a new field of view and thus adapt it optimally for the measuring task. The COMET® V sensor is a fully modular structure and offers fields of view ranging from 50 to 800 mm. This measuring range can be extended to any size using so-called photogrammetry. The modular sensor concept allows the use of cameras with resolutions suitable for particular applications.

The highest measurement precision is guaranteed by the great stability of the mechanical construction and the extreme stiffness of the sensor base, which was designed taking into account FEM simulation calculations, as well as optics developed especially for the COMET® V sensor. In addition, thermal effects are eliminated through a powerful external xenon light source, which supplies the sensor with light through an optical fiber.

Individual Sensor Location

The COMET® V sensor can be positioned easily using a variety of tripods. This allows fast and easy adaptation to the measurement task right at the location of the task.

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