NMS Online Absolute ScanCell

Real-time measurement of full production in car body production welding lines. A unique solution developed by NMS measures close to two hundred measured features in less than 1 minute on each car body in production, better than 0,2 mm.


  • Immediate inspection of 100% of production
  • Detection of random and induced deviations
  • Welding line maintenance, optimizing and planning
  • Production history tracking

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NMS AutomationSoft

Software For Measurement Automation

NMS AutomationSoft is a powerful software designed for a range of customers using different types of measuring systems. It was developed primarily for cooperation with 3D measurement devices, but its flexible architecture allows easy expandability for any purpose.

Customer benefits:

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Solution for simple as well as complicated measurement tasks
  • Process automation, proper procedure guidance
  • Multilevel login and access rights – complex measurement procedure preparation with minimization of time and costs for operating staff training
  • Individual solution always customized to the customer´s needs
  • Open software architecture – possibility of cooperation and communication with various softwares and devices

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NMS ProfileProjector LED3G


NMS ProfileProjector LED3G is an automated measuring device developed especially for insulated cable producers. The NMS profile projector is used for output and inter-operational control of insulation dimensions and other insulating cable components.


  • Costs savings up to 30%
  • Maximization of set-up speed of insulation spraying machines
  • Significant reduction of non-conforming products and complaints
  • Objective, precise and non-manipulable quality control

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