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‘Inspiring Manufacturers to accelerate productivity through in process quality control’

The laser measuring systems and services offered by NMS are supplied by the most respected brands in industry. With their wide spectrum of different technologies they can provide ideal solutions for all our customers’ measurement needs . NMS offers Laser Trackers manufactured by Leica Geosystems, optical systems by Steinbichler, fast and flexible Romer Arms. Solutions come with PolyWorks Software - the world´s leading software in point cloud processing - with a unique and very stable user interface. It is always customized to the customer’s needs – NMS´s programmers can change or adjust user interface to provide the desired information on the given process

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Products and Services

 NMS Solutions

NMS Turn key measurement Solutions

NMS absolute inline measurement systems for Automotive BIW with solutions for Inline, Offline, and Closures.

 NMS Products

NMS Products

NMS offer a wide range of measurement systems with Laser Trackers, Portable Arms, Fringe Projection and software to fulfil your metrology requirements.

 NMS Services

NMS Services

NMS offer a wide range of measurement services for onsite measurement, component inspection, 3D laser scanning, Service and Calibration and Training.

Scanning of turbine blades. NMS checks 100% of production. Additionally, data were used as an input for simulations of dynamic analysis (bez a) of blades performance in a turbine wheel.
— Alstom Switzerland Ltd, Switzerland

We pride ourselves on: 




With the latest portable
technologies we create innovative 3D measurement systems.



We are always ready to meet
the customer´s need, whether it involves quality control, digitizing or 3D measurement.

 Human potential

Human Potential

NMS is a team of more than 150 experienced professionals, who are among the very best in their line of work.



In solving metrology tasks we use years of experience we have gained globally since 1999.

Measurement of the entire carbody production on welding line in real time. Unique solution, developed by NMS, measures more than one hundred points on each carbody produced in production cycle with accuracy better than 0,2 mm.
— Škoda Auto a.s., Czech Republic

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